The castle at the bottom of the sea


The castle at the bottom of the sea is a fairy-tale in comic book form that stars Bibi, a curious little girl who finds herself all alone on beach and starts collecting seashells out of boredom.
The beach, however, hides more than what meets the eye: the trail of shells guides Bibi to a crab and a talking fish, who present themselves as the servants of the Queen of the Deep, a beautiful mermaid who lives all alone in an underwater castle. Amazed, Bibi, embarks on an adventure, exploring the castle with Parnassus the crab at her side, but the Queen is not as kind and sweet as she seems… Bibi will have to face her deception to reach her happy ending.

PILLO (Giulia Hulme)
Is a 22-year-old Italian-English illustrator. Art has always been a constant in her life since she was a child, eager to share her stories with the world, and for this purpose images were the perfect medium. After graduating from the Paolo Candiani art school, she then completed a three-year course at the Scuola del Fumetto in Milan, training to become a cartoonist. These studies have allowed her to strengthen and refine her natural ability to create fantastic worlds, populated by creatures with intense lives. She’s always been fond of stories and comics.

The castle at the bottom of the sea is the first book printed by Guado Editions fifty years after the first one.
Raccolto Editions, until its transformation into Guado Editions, was known to be a high-quality publisher. In its fifty years of activity, at the Guado, historical association and commune of artists on the Naviglio Grande, several books have been published, ranging from poetry to prose, from novels to essays, from monographs to historical research to graphic novels.


COD: 0002 Categoria:


Anno: 2020

Pagine: 50 pag., a colori

Condice ISBN: 9788894493412

Autore: PILLO (Giulia Hulme)

Formato: 23,5×29 cm – copertina con alette

Per acquistare il libro:
Fare un bonifico a Guado Officine Creative dal 1969 srl utilizzando il seguente IBANIT12D0306932820100000003932.
Nella causale specificare il titolo del libro.
Al prezzo di copertina vanno aggiunte le spese di spedizione pari a euro 5.00.
Al ricevimento del pagamento provvederemo alla spedizione.
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Dimensioni 23.3 × 29 cm



A colori




In attesa di erogazione


PILLO (Giulia Hulme)

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